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Digital solutions can improve information sharing and reduce the errors that cost lives. But they should be implemented carefully to avoid creating risks, writes Maureen Baker from the Professional Record Standards Body

With demand at an all-time high, and workforce shortages mounting, the focus on patient safety has never been more critical.

The report from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Children’s Fund UNICEF find that the first years of a child’s life provide “irreplicable opportunities to improve lifelong health, nutrition and well-being” according to a press release.

It tracks progress against the global Nurturing care framework, which provides guidance on supporting the healthy physical, intellectual, and emotional development of young children.

Menteri Kesehatan (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin optimistis digitalisasi sistem kesehatan akan meningkatkan standar mutu serta layanan kesehatan di Tanah Air. Menkes mensyaratkan aplikasi dan fasilitas pelayanan kesehatan, seperti RS vertikal, RS pemerintah, RS swasta, Puskesmas, Posyandu, laboratorium, klinik hingga apotek, harus mengikuti standar di platform SATUSEHAT.